Teacher Posts Video Of Child's Naked Bottom Online, Mom Takes Action Against Daycare.

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Parents place their kids in day care to be taken care of and cared for by attentive workers not to expose them to individuals with awful intentions.

Shannon Galofaro thought she was doing the best thing for her 2-year-old little girl Makala by placing her in day care, yet she as of late learned she wasn't right.

This 21-year-old teacher took a video of Makala's bare bottom during rest time, and shared it on Snapchat.

"My little girl lays down with her barge in on noticeable all around, sort of, y'know, similar to the infant position,"

Shannon clarified. "Her clothing was around her lower legs, and her dress was to her waist, and this lady composed, 'This present young lady's prepared for a long weekend,' and put an emoticon over her face."

Once school staff discovered her activities, they didn't tell Shannon. She didn't hear anything about it almost a week later.

They disclosed to Shannon that the teacher had been let go and the video had been erased from her phone.

As indicated by Shannon, the school said they were doing "their own investigation" before informing her or the police.

Shannon was offended. The teacher had not only overstepped the law, the day care had attempted to cover it up.

As a result Makala is currently in therapy two times a week. Shannon has made a claim against the organisation that own the day care.

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