Hero Pit Bull Lost Leg After Helping To Save Woman From Train Tracks.

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Hero pit bull Lily who saved the life of her human owner and helping many vulnerable animals in need, has finally been laid to rest.

Lilly’s was a lonely pit bull —that lives a caged life in Massachusetts.

However in 2009, after adopting Lilly Boston police officer David Lanteigne gifted her to his mother Christine.

Over the years Christine and Lilly formed a beautiful relationship  with each other. But in 2012,while they were out walking  the pit bull showed her true colours.

Christine collapsed all of a sudden in one of the most dangerous places, railroad tracks, as a train was hurtling towards them.

Lilly tugged, pushed, and pulled Christine off the tracks just in the nick of time.

But for Lilly, it was too late as she got hit by the train and suffered complex, traumatic injuries to her body.

David was blown away by Lilly’s heroic efforts, and promised her would  do everything in his power to save her life.

She saved my mom,” Lanteigne explains. “I’ve got to do everything I can to repay her for that.”

Lilly suffered multiple surgeries to amputate her front leg and repair her shattered pelvis.

Once her story of bravery started to spread, donations began to pour in to help cover the high medical fees.

David used Lilly’s brilliant story for the greater good by using all the leftover donation money and donating it to help cover medical costs for other animals in need.

As he was inspired to do even more for animal welfare, Lanteigne founded a non-profit organisation, Lilly the Hero Pit Bull Fund.

This was to advocate and provide financial assistance to rescue shelters across America for pit bulls.

Following a superb recovery and years of living happy, the old age dog Lilly began to  experience some health difficulties.

On Nov. 9, David painfully announced that his loyal companion had finally passed away.

Lanteigne wrote on Lilly’s Facbook page, "There is a hole in our hearts tonight for all who loved her, her life represents the true devotion, companionship and love an animal brings to our lives.”

"Lilly is still and always will be that sweet girl, still throughout all her pain continuing to give all her kisses to everyone she loves."

If I could ask anything from you at all it would be to share how Lilly has touched your life," David concludes.

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