6th-Grader Witnesses Hit-And-Run And Leaves Note On Car To Expose The Person Responsible

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A college senior student called Andrew Sipowicz, had parked his car on the side of the street close to his apartment in Buffalo, New York. But when his roommate told him that a school bus had stopped suspiciously close to his vehicle, he went outside to make sure everything was normal.

Andrew discovered his red 2012 Mustang was damaged and dented on one side. But, there was no bus in sight.

The school bus had supposedly sideswiped his dream car and fled the scene. The driver left no insurance information, made no effort to reach out to Andrew, and seemed like he aimed on getting away with it.

Andrew was irate at first, but the unexpected message he found on his windshield calmed him down straight away. Someone had left him an anonymous note, detailing the hit-and-run and exposing the truth.

The note was written by a sixth-grade girl. Andrew took a photo of it and put the note to Twitter, thanking her for saving him thousands of dollars in car repairs.

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