5-Year-Old Girl Steals The Show During Preschool Graduation With Hilarious Dance Moves

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One preschooler is shinning bright at her graduation ceremony, and we love it! Five-year-old Lily is a natural-born performer. Her grandmother Martina says if you, “Give her an audience, she’ll give you a show,” and that’s certainly what she did in the video clip below.

As a result of the video that was shared Lily has now become an online sensation, thanks to a recent class performance during a preschool graduation ceremony at Lebanon Presbyterian Church in Ohio.

All the children danced as they sang to a popular children’s song called “Tooty Ta.” Occupational therapist Karen Dobyns describesthis song on her blog MissAwesomeness.com as:

a very rhythmic song that has the children following basic directions and it builds upon itself. They start with thumbs up, then move to elbows back, feet apart, knees touching, tongue out, etc. I love all things occupational therapy related and kids related and I am utterly astounded that this is the first time I have come across this. Teachers, parents, therapists…Please. Get this song and do it with your class/kids/students.”

lily dancing preschool graduation

Lily certainly displayed some adorable and hilarious dance moves which completely stole the show. Her grandmother, Martina Blair, was recording to capture the big graduation performance. She decided to upload the clip to Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

In fact, it gained over 12 million views in the space of two days! She explains, “I put that video out there as a way for people to forget about it all for 5 minutes and just have a reason to smile.”

After sharing the footage millions agree she’s the perfect example of how good it is to just be yourself.

lily facebook comments

Well young Lily had definitely accomplished her grandmother’s mission.

Take a look at the little comedian steals the show in the video clip below:

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