5-year-old girl amazes everyone with her dancing skill.

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As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ and this little girl certainly proves that point as she moves in perfect sync with the beat. Although many kids her age remain at home watching cartoons, she on the other hand is determined to be rockstar.

Roxy Brennan rocked the stage when she chose to perform the song Maniac from the movie Flashdance. Initially, she was floating around the stage.

Roxy performed a routine that would even be difficult for an adult. Her bone structure is still flexible which allowed her to move more easily along with plenty practice.

Roxy was named Miss Petite by the judges when she won the first place in the dance competition. The young lady was such an inspiration to others proving you can accomplish miracles.

If you believe in yourself and put in the hard work by practicing everyday then nothing can prevent you from achieving the dreams of who you imagined becoming in life.

Take a look at her dance routine in the video clip below:

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