30-minute-old baby abandoned in park in sub-zero temperatures, left “crying for her life”

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There was an abandoned newborn baby who was wrapped in a plastic bag found in a park. According to newspapers the newborn was only an hour old. The baby was found while a mother and son were out walking their dog. Even the baby’s umbilical cord was still attached.

Rima Zvaliauskiene and her 27-year-old son Ovidijus discovered the baby after hearing the baby crying from inside the bag while out on a walk.

Rima and her son discovered the baby along side a bench in Newham, England after 10pm. At the time the temperature was below freezing and the child, called Roman, was wrapped in a towel and a shopping bag to keep him warm.

There was a crying noise from the bag. She was crying for her life. The baby saved herself,” Rima said.

Nurses are now looking after Roman, while police have set up an investigate to locate the mother is.

Ovidijus, Rita’s son said: “She looked a bit purple. She was very cold to the touch. Her forehead and ears looked like they were a bit frosty, she was cold. We feel great that we helped save the baby’s life. I’m glad we were there or the baby might not have survived too much longer.”

Police didn’t have any luck finding the mother after using sniffer dogs to follow the mothers trail of blood.

Surely the baby was naked at least the mother could have wrapped it up. If anyone finds a baby that’s cold you can always put it under your coat. The baby was so lucky it was still even able to cry.

Shane Clarke,Inspector of North East Command Unit appealed to the infant’s mother, reading: “We are growing increasingly concerned for your welfare and I urge you to make contact either with police, your local hospital or GP surgery. It is really important that we know that you are safe. I would also urge anyone who has information that could help us to reunite this baby with her mother to come forward.”

Although we have no idea how a mother could abandon her baby in freezing cold temperatures, we thankful that baby Roman was saved. The story could have had a very different outcome if it weren’t for Rima and her son.

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