3 Teens Grab Onto Sobbing Woman At Drive-Thru But Have No Clue The Lady Behind Is Filming

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Each morning this woman  grabs a coffee from the drive-thru window at Dutch Bros. in Vancouver, Washington. On this occasion Barbara sat in her car and waited in line as usual until something in front of her caught her eye. She decided to snap a picture of the event that was delaying her order.

The female driver directly in front of her was holding up the entire line, while the employee Pierce Dunn, 19, was working the checkout line that day. Along with his 21-year-old co-worker, Evan Freeman, took an order for a cup of coffee from a woman sitting alone in her car.

When she pulled up to the window, the employees realized that the woman was in tears. So they asked the woman if she wanted to talk.

Barbara noticed the trio of employees pile on top of one another, lean out of the window and reach toward the woman in the driver’s seat ahead clutching her hand in theirs.

Barbara was moved by what she witnesses so she took the picture to prove to the world that people can be unbelievably kind, especially to strangers in need.

Once the car drove off Barbara discovered why the woman had been holding hands with these three complete and total strangers. The reason will move you to the very core.

After capturing what she witnessed, Barbara decided to share the photo on Facebook, along with the touching story.

Take a look at the video below to see why the photo was shared thousands and thousands of times.

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