Young Singer Performs ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’ And Instantly Melts Everyone’s Hearts

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Sometimes, little kids have huge personalities. That’s definitely the case with Shaney-Lee. Luckily, he has the talent to match.

Shaney-Lee lives in Bristol, in the south of Britain. But even though he’s a cute English kid, he acts more like an American cowboy than some American cowboys!

He lives on a farm, where he helps his parents look after the horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and much more.

In actual fact, country music is just about his favorite kind of music in the world.

He spends his time riding his favorite Shetland pony called Bobby Brown around the fields, who even joined Shaney-lee to audition for The Voice Kids UK.

Despite being only seven, Shaney-Lee is extremely ambitious when it comes to his singing career.

His parents have always been proud of him, his voice always brightens up their day and his confidence just blows them away. They aren’t even certain where Shaney-Lee got his talented voice.

When Shaney-Lee walked up to the judges of The Voice Kids UK it was a nerve-wracking moment. He gave booby a kiss and walked up to the stage.

Thankfully, Shaney-Lee had a plan in place: 1. Smile. 2. Dance. 3. Hold the mic. 4. Tap his foot. The crowd seemed to love him even before he sang as the crowd ushered an “awww”.

John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads,” began to play as everyone in the audience began clapping along. Although the judges were barely able to see Shaney-Lee yet, his voice was certainly won them over.

That’s the cutest voice I’ve ever heard,” said Danny Jones.

Shaney-Lee’smother and father couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as they were blown away by their son.

The crowd went wild when Shaney-Lee finished up his song. Pixie Lott was the first judge to press her button. Naturally all three of the judges wished they selected him first.

This news astounded the judges. They could see that Shaney-Lee was the real deal!

Pixie Lott stated she was delighted to have Shaney-Lee on her team with his charisma and incredible voice. Shaney-Lee hugged Pixie to say thank you.

Take a look at his incredible performance in the video below:

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A Psychic Told Him To Dig Up His Basement. When He Reached In The Hole, He Realized She Was Right

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A decades-long mystery has finally come to an end for 57-year-old Michael Carroll. In 1960 his father Korean War veteran George Carroll disappeared and Michael always wanted answers. Michael along with his three siblings never learned anything about George’s disappearance. Recently Michael stumbled upon the answer to it all.

Michael’s mother Dorothy always told the kids that George probably just picked up and left them all alone. She claimed it happened when he went out to buy cigarettes one day and never came back. But in the back of his mind, Michael sensed that his mother was lying to her children. He just felt that something else had happened.

Although his mother had her story, others revealed their takes on what happened to George the veteran. Some even suggested that his body was chopped up and buried in the basement.

Years later, Michael hired a company with ground-penetrating radar equipment. It was expensive but he knew it would give him peace of mind once the results came back, he was shocked.

Michael discovered something shocking in October 2018, when he unearthed a skeleton in the basement of his childhood home in Lake Grove, Long Island, New York.

Once police looked at the skeleton, they determined that the skull had been cracked with blunt-force trauma. There’s also a possibility the fractures could have occurred after the death.

While he awaits DNA results, Michael believes that the bones were his father. Authorities claims there may not be enough DNA in the bones to make a complete match, however Michael feels this man is his missing father.

This is almost a perfect crime,” Michael said. “But I wasn’t supposed to find him.”

In 1955, George Carroll bought the Long Island home where he lived there with his wife Dorothy and their four children. Dorothy held on to the hours for years following his disappearance and finally sold it to Michael years later.

Carroll believes that a man named Richard Darress murdered his father and later married his mother Dorothy. The truth might have died with teh pair because he suspects they knew George was buried in the basement.

She doesn’t come off smelling like a rose,” he said. He also said that when he and his siblings asked about their father, she would also say, “Don’t ask, it’s not important.”

As his father was of such importance, Michael feels he now has the closure he has needed all his life.

Michael credits the numerous psychics and ghost hunters he has worked with over the years which helped him discover the human remains in his basement.

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5-Year-Old Boy Killed Immediately After Stepping Off School Bus

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As a young boy played close to his home in Phoenix, Arizona, a truck came speeding down the road and slammed straight into the child who sadly passed away. During the vigil on Saturday his father, Branden Weaver, Sr. spoke about the tragedy and how the family are grieving with the the of their beloved child.

The moment Brandon Weaver Jr. stepped out between two parked cars, his whole life flashed before him. A speeding truck on Maryland Avenue near 25th Avenue didn’t have enough time to slam on the brakes and smacked straight into the young boy.

The father stood in front of a massive crowd at his son’s vigil on Saturday, and addressed those present about his son.

My son was the best baby ever,” the dad fondly remembered. “He could do no wrong.”

The boy’s loss still weighed heavy on the father’s mind as it had only been two days since his death. He still has trouble processing what happened that day in Phoenix.

For him to just get hit by a car and then pass away, that’s just crazy to me.

During the vigil, Weaver Sr. portrayed his emotion. He broke down in tears on occasion. The loss of his child was extremely tough on him as it would be for any other parent in his predicament.

Weaver Sr. also came up and spoke to the large crowd that had gathered. The deceased’s 15-year-old cousin, Saronikah Trotter, also described how playful and fun the five-year-old had been.

He was like the shine of the sun, you know, and with him not being here, it’s dark.

Despite being a shining light for the family, Trotter also remembered how Branden Jr. love for food.

The crowd portrayed the amount of supporters young Branden Jr. had in life.

One of his friends, 10-year-old David Cummings, was present at the scene not long after the truck hit into Branden Jr.

I looked over, and there was a car, and Branden was lying in the street. I almost burst into tears, but I was able to keep myself together and call 911,” David described.

Because his friend was in danger, David managed to pull through the stress of the situation and do the right thing, although nothing could have saved the little boy at that point.

David and his mother have since made an effort to support Branden’s family. They went to Christown Spectrum Mall and asked the public to donate money to help cover the child’s funeral expenses.

I raised over $200 for him,” David said.

The family has since created a GoFundMe account to raise the remaining $10,000 to cover the boy’s funeral and give him a proper celebration.

During Saturday’s vigil, neighbors called for the city to slow down traffic, before other little boys and girls are killed.

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The airline won’t let father board his new-born adopted baby girl.

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I always say that certain work positions require you to be a bureaucrat. Being a social worker requires for you to be a cold robot who cannot help people just because their passport doesn’t seem right to the government. Being airline security will turn you into a bureaucrat, not boarding people for having food or not letting other people board the plane for various reasons. A father ran into a situation lately that got him really uncomfortable at the airport and he didn’t know what to do.

Rubin Swift and his wife had been trying to adopt a child for a long time now and when they turn finally came up, they were so excited. But I’ve heard that when you are planning to do something good and move to another frequency in your life, all hell will break loose and whatever could happen, will happen. Rubin got called for a baby daughter that he could adopt and he was so happy about it. He had to fly from Cleveland, Ohio to Phoneix, Arizona to get the baby girl. But he wasn’t sure if the baby was allowed to board on the plane with him.

He called up the airport and checked with them and the airline operator gave him the approval that he could fly to Cleveland back with his new daughter. He went to the hospital to pick up the baby from Joy, the nurse that had been taking care of her. When he arrived at the airport, the workers did not let him board the baby for being less than seven days old. He told them he already checked with the operator but they didn’t listen. Fortunately, Joy, the nurse, picked them up at the airport and allowed them to stay three days at her house until the baby was allowed to fly back to Cleveland.


Recently divorced after 44 years, woman gets emotional makeover experience

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Divorce is simply a fact of life in modern society. This is a statistic for anyone who is considering taking that walk down the aisle. When Vicki got divorced recently, she knew that she would need to make some changes if she was going to make it through the experience with flying colors.

Following 44 years of marriage, she and her husband decided to split, leaving her with years of baggage and a seemingly unescapable rather unkept look. With almost half of marriages ending in divorce in America, more people are in Vicki’s situation.

However all that would change as she decided it was time for her to turn a leaf and begin a new chapter.

About a month after the paperwork was finalised, an emotional Vicki decided she needed an uplifting change in her life, so she visited Christopher Hopkins, also known as The Makeover Guy. She trusted that Christopher’s great skills would give her just the physical change to feel fabulous again.

She starts by telling her story, breaking down into tears midway, but Christopher reassures her that crying is a positive release of energy.

After 44 years of marriage, a divorce is never going to be easy. There are, however, a number of things many people do after a relationship – marriage or otherwise – to help with the period of adjustment.

Perhaps going on a holiday, moving house or going travelling for some much-needed soul searching, focussing on yourself is often seen as the way forward. So what better way started other than to get a makeover?

Christopher knew he would be able to make Vicki beautiful — the big-spirited woman was certainly full of life so she just needed to make sure her physique also reflected that.

By the time Christopher was finished, she did not look like the same woman anymore. She came to him in tears, needing help. Before long, he had waved his magic wand and brought her back to the woman that she always knew she could be.

Rather than being sad and worried, she became a confident goddess once again. The power of feeling good about oneself is tough to ignore.

As usual, the post-makeover look turned out to be a smashing success. Hopkins managed to maintain her best features while wildly transforming her hair and makeup.

Many people were quick to praise Christopher and the makeover team for their transformation of Vicki.

We are glad to see that Vicki is so happy again and we are sure that she is going to turn more than a few heads when she steps out. Please share her story with all of the divorcees that you know!

Take a look at her transformation for yourself, in the video below.

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People still in love with “elastic” Honky Tonk Dance routine even years after the performance

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It’s no surprise when dance partners, Jason Calacino and Katie Boyle have over 8 million views on YouTube, in a video of two Honky Tonk dancers with their extensive background.

Jason was known for a style of swing dancing called West Coast Swing, but he was only a teen when he began in line dancing. From there he proceeded to master more intricate styles of dance including salsa, Argentine tango, jazz, ballet, and even ballroom dancing.

Katie, started her dance career at the age of two and now works as a fine arts teacher at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she continued her training throughout her college years.

The pair have won multiple dance competitions together! Jason and Katie perform a Honky Tonk routine to the Rolling Stones-composed 1969 hit “Honky Tonk Woman.”

Honky Tonk music originated in the U.S. in the 1930s and was influenced by the “boogie-woogie” piano style, it became the primary sound in early country music in the American South, as exemplified by artists like Hank Williams.

Jason and Katie’s country-style routine certainly gets the crowd shouting.

It’s clear the two are both talented performers and their ability to move together in such perfect unison is a testament to their hard work as well as their friendship.

Even more impressive is that their feet don’t even stay on the floor throughout the performance. Their routine includes a series of lifts that require both balance and strength.

It’s not long before Jason has executed a perfect lift, holding his partner up on his shoulders!

Their routine makes them stand out as incredibly talented dancers who can execute flawless turns, lifts, and dips, where they were later awarded first prize.

Their viral video took the world by storm, prompting stories about just what it was that drew people to the Honky Tonk routine. People are still watching the performance years later..

Jason sadly passed away unexpectedly at the age of 31, in 2009 from cardiac arrest as a result of pneumonia and an enlarged heart. Luckily, the routines from the pair online if you want to relive their glory days.

Take a look at their Honky Tonk performance in the video below:

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Kids Left With Serious Burns After Taking Part In Recent Schoolyard Trend

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The whole point of being a child is that you can learn from your mistakes, while building a concrete foundation upon which to base the decisions of your future.

That’s why so many children find themselves picking up injuries and being involved in accidents – it’s nature’s way of teaching you the hard way.

Childhood crazes are generally harmless despite a fight may break out on occasion. But this latest fad is potentially dangerous to a child’s health.

Obviously, there can more dangerous elements to childhood, those that not all of us have to experience. More and more I find such things to take the form of ‘crazes’ that sweep about the nation, gaining traction through word of mouth and, more importantly, social media.

Not all of them are harmlful, but all it takes is one that is and a great many children are potentially placed in harm’s way. The one in this article will most certainly give a great many parents reason to sit up and take notice.

It concerns slime (you know, that gooey, unpleasant substance that virtually all kids inexplicably like to play with). Due to its popularity, there are many recipes online for making ‘homemade slime’, those that are easily accessible and appear – on the face of it, anyway – relatively simple to follow.

For most parents, any concerns attached to slime amount to how mucky their child might get, or if any furniture could be ruined as a result of coming into contact with it.

It turns out, however, that slime can also present unfathomed dangers.

Kathleen Quinn was with her friends at a sleepover party. They were playing with homemade slime when an incident occurred that could easily leave Kathleen with scars both physical and mental.

She reportedly had the slime in her hands when it began to burn her skin. She tried running her hands under a cold tap, but it was only after a long wait that the pain began to subside.

“She was crying in pain. ‘My hands hurt. My hands hurt!’ And we looked at them and they were covered in blisters,” Kathleen’s mother said. It transpired that she’d received third-degree burns to her fingers.

Kathleen’s parents took her to the doctor. He asked them about the slime their daughter had been playing with, only to be told it was a combination of school glue and sodium borate (otherwise known as borax).

According to the doctor, it was prolonged exposure to the borax that caused the burning and blisters. It should not be used to play with.

Basically, it’s something that no child should be coming into contact with, and yet children all over the country, and indeed the rest of the world, are.

Unfortunately, many of the online recipes don’t state warnings when their mixture features borax (some of them call for use of contact lens solution, which includes it), meaning parents approve.

Borax is an irritant to not only the skin, but also the eyes, nasal cavities, respiratory tract and breathing passages. Some recipes only use cornstarch and shampoo, two substances with none of the dangerous chemical.

Eventually,she had to see a plastic surgeon to restore her hands to how they previously were. In some cases, the burning has spread from a child’s hands to their arms and then their face.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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Mom gets lesson in distracted parenting when son’s actions cost her more than $100,000

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Once you have a child its your responsibly to take care of them until they turn into adults.

Most parents try their hardest to stop their kids from getting into trouble as it’s your duty to clean up their mess after.

Stores are filled with parents saying “Look with your eyes and not your hands,” for a very good reason! Most parents try to keep their children away from breakable things entirely.

Young children love to be around delicate stuff. Amanda Goodman found this out the hard way when her five-year-old Troy, went to a friend’s wedding.

During the ceremony the little boy had been so well behaved. His mother even considering buying him a present he was so good. All that he had to do was get through the reception without a hitch.

After dancing and talking, Goodman thought her son was ready to go home, she left the kid on his own for a few seconds to say goodbye to the bride and groom.

Goodman said that the wedding had been great and thanked them for inviting her. However right before she had finished congratulating the couple, there was a huge crashing sound.

She could hear people shouting, “Where is your mother?” When Goodman turned around she realized Troy had made his way to the entrance hall of the reception venue.

He noticed a glass sculpture and approached it and was so fascinated he walked up and tried to hug it.

The heavy sculpture was far too heavy for his little hands so the item tipped over and smashed to pieces.

Goodman was concerned about Troy injuring himself. However one of the staff members couldn’t believe what the child had done. The mother apologized, saying that she hoped that it wasn’t expensive.

Mam, we expect you to pay for that. And that sculpture cost us $132,000.”

Goodman expected a maximum price of $800. They did try to call their insurance, but the company just confirmed that they weren’t liable for Troy’s actions.

Instead she stated that it was careless of the venue to have such an expensive sculpture in such an easily accessible place.

It’s in the main walkway, not a separate room, not plexiglass, not protected, not held down.” – Amanda Goodman.

Goodman contacted her local government. A spokesperson said that although it was unfortunate, the child should not have touched the artwork.

After all the rule is “if you break it, you bought it,” no matter how expensive the thing that gets broken is!

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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40 years later and 1,000 miles away, mother finds son’s childhood baseball glove at thrift store

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You never knows what type of treasures you might find in a thrift store.

Items that people hold dear such as childhood toys, a stack of old love letters, a particular Christmas ornament are sold not realizing how much something means until it’s gone.

Julie Anne Lisi was browsing the shelves at a thrift store, rooting for treasures, to see if anything caught her eye when all of sudden a familiar name, Christopher Lisi, did just that.

Christopher Lisi was Julie Anne’s son, she couldn’t believe her son’s baseball glove emblazoned with his name on it was right in front of her.

My legs got shaky and wobbly and my husband thought I was in trouble,” she admitted.

To see your son’s name on a glove from miles away after 40 years,” Michael, Christopher’s dad, said, “I just can’t believe it.”

I always put my kids’ names on the inside and outside of the glove,” she said. She took a photo of the glove and sent it to her son.

Christopher, now a football coach, sent two words in response. “I took a picture of it and sent it to him right away when I found it and his words were, ‘buy it,’” the surprised mother said.

The story dates back to a championship game 40 years ago, when Christopher Lisi was 12 years old. The team took a photo after the game, where Christopher had left his glove in the shuffle.

“He says he remembers they took pictures and everything and he must have left his mitt at the ballpark at Todd Field in Willoughby,” Julie Anne said.

He returned and searched the area, but couldn’t locate it and never told his parents he’d lost it.

We never really knew that he had lost it; he didn’t share it with us,” Julia Anne said.

For the whopping price of $1.49, Julie Anne was able to snap up the mysterious piece of family history, and it’s now headed to its rightful place among the Lisi trophies.

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Man given change sees wife’s name written on a bill and thinks he knows who is responsible

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What are the odds of being given back a banknote that you spent years ago? And what if that banknote was of priceless sentimental value?

The reason the word “almost” is used in that above sentence is because it would be miraculous to make its way back to that person years later.

This story is amazing because the note was worth more than anything to the person who got it back.

Over 50 years ago, Peter Bilello traveled to Italy to visit his mother. It was there he met, fell in love with, and wed a woman named Grace. In 1964, the couple moved to Connecticut.

It all happened when Peter Bilello and his granddaughter went into a Subway restaurant one lunchtime.

Bilello purchased his and his granddaughter’s lunch with cash. He received three one-dollar bills in change. And that’s when he saw something on one of the bills that brought tears to his eyes.

Written on that dollar bill was the signature of his wife, Grace.

He instantly recognized her handwriting. Bilello’s granddaughter asked him what was wrong. And that was when he showed her.

The granddaughter didn’t get it at first. What was so special about the money, she thought.

Then she saw her grandmother’s name and realized how significant this moment was. Peter and Grace Bilello had been married for over 50 years.

Several years ago, the husband and the wife signed $1 bills and handed them to each other. It was a symbol of their love for one another. Both were meant to keep ahold of their bills forever.

However one day, Bilello accidentally spent the dollar bill with his wife’s name on it. He thought he would never see it again.

Five years later, Bilello had found the dollar bill again he believed this was meant to be.

Seven months before Bilello was handed back the dollar bill with his wife’s name on it, something tragic occurred.

Grace, passed away 50 years after they were married. Shortly after losing his wife her passing he had been given her signed dollar bill back.

The dollar bill would have changed hands approximately 550 times as there are 11.7 billion one-dollar bills in circulation. Surely something had to intervene to get it back to Bilello?

Bilello is convinced that his wife was behind this miracle. He has a new lease of life since he located the dollar bill.

“I never thought I was going to get that dollar back again. Never. The first thing I said, ‘Grace, she did this to make me happy and her to be happy too.’” – Bilello.

Although his wife is no longer alive, she is watching over him. He often visits Grace’s grave to give thanks for the miraculous sign.

Take a look at the video clip below for more details on the story:

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