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Newborn baby found abandoned in near freezing temperatures with umbilical cord still attached

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A police are searching for the mother of a newborn child who was found covered with just a blanket in near-freezing temperatures in the middle of a road in California.

Early on Monday morning a newborn baby girl was found with her umbilical cord still attached. The Madera County Sheriff’s Office in central California confirmed that a newspaper delivery person had discovered the infant in frigid temperatures “on the center line of a roadway”.

With the temperature at just 1C, Fuentes took the baby into his vehicle to keep her warm wrapped the newborn baby up and and called emergency services.

He said the baby was lucky to survive as the temperature was cold and there were wild animals about. The baby girl was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be in good condition.

Madera County Police Department have yet to find the mother, they have some clues as to how they might find her. Undersheriff Tyson Pogue, said at a press conference on Monday night: “It’s very fortunate that the child was discovered by the newspaper delivery person before she was seriously injured or even possibly killed.”

According to Pogue, the child was wrapped in a blanket and dressed in a one-piece pyjama set. Fortunately she was in a good condition when she was transported to the local hospital – police estimate she was left on the road for a matter of minutes.

A witness at the scene claimed to have seen a woman with a baby close to where the infant was found mere minutes before the paper carrier made the discovery. Furthermore, it’s said the woman approached the witness and begged him to take her child.

He was approached by a female driving a white, smaller SUV. This female got out of her car, asked the man if he could help her and asked him to take her child,” Pogue said. “The man directed her to the fire station and the Valley Children’s Hospital down the street and suggested she take the baby there.”

The woman could face felony charges of child endangerment and possible attempted murder if found. Meanwhile, the newborn is expected to make a full recovery.

Pogue continued: “Luckily, she was discovered early enough that she’ll make a full recovery. We’d like to remind everyone that there are many safe surrender sites that will allow someone to surrender a newborn child without any questions asked.”

The child will be placed in the care of child protective services when she is fully recovered.

Anyone with any information about a potential suspect is advised to contact the Madera County Sheriff’s Office.

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Dog tragically passes after eating homemade cake – owner sounds the alarm over toxic ingredient

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It’s a horrible feeling when you lose a pet especially if you are to partially to blame, this particular situation was experienced by dog owner Kate Chacksfield.

She was forced to say goodbye to her dog Ruby while grieving her with the understanding that it could have all been prevented. Kate wants to share her story to try and warn other pet owners so the same thing never happens again.

Any pet owner knows how tempted our four-legged friends are by sweets, salt and fatty foods. However it’s common knowledge that chocolate is toxic to a dog, but what about cakes and pastries?

In fact they can actually be fatal too which Katy Chacksfield is now painfully aware of. Her dog Ruby passed away recently after eating some homemade cakes which contained the sweetener Xylitol.

Ruby was unable to resist the sweet smelling cakes that her owners baked. She had previously eaten brownie cakes, which didn’t make her ill.

She consumed a small amount of brownies and Ruby seemed to be in perfect health. On this particular day Ruby ate two whole brownies, it seems the Xylitol content made her sick within just 36 hours.

Xylitol is used as a sweetener in chewing gum ands tablets, but has never proved harmful to humans.

The substance can however be extremely toxic for dogs as they are unable to break it down. Which can result in the dog going in to a hypoglycaemic coma that can have fatal consequences.

If Kate had been aware known about the potential dangers of Xylitol, she would have brought Ruby to the vet much earlier … and perhaps have been able to save the dog’s life.

Xylitol is often found in light products, Kate replaced plain sugar in the recipe when she made her brownies this time as she was trying to lose weight.

When dogs ingest Xylitol they an exhibit a number of symptoms.

The warning signs are usually present within an hour. However sometimes it can take longer depending on the breed of the dog and amount consumed. Once Kate realized that her beloved pet was ill, she went to the vets but unfortunately, it was too late.

The damage was done, and Ruby’s condition deteriorated quickly. Ruby suffered and struggled with the symptoms for almost eight days. Kate stood by and watched with a broken heart and was left with a vet’s bill of around £10,000.

I had no idea how serious eating natural sweeteners was for dogs, the photos of her on life support still make me cry,” Chacksfield told Caters News Agency. 

Kate now aims to raise awareness of the danger Xylitol presents for dogs. The Xylitol content can be high in sugar free products. Symptoms often manifest themselves in vomiting, shaking and lethargy. In more serious cases they can lose consciousness.

Kate wouldn’t have hesitated a second before rushing Ruby to the vets if she was aware of the affects. Sadly, she never made the connection between the missing brownies and Ruby’s symptoms.

I only made brownies with Xylitol in to reduce the amount of sugar I was eating,” she said. Obviously, if you’re not aware of what’s making your pet sick it makes it harder for the vet to begin appropriate treatment.

Dogs are famous for eating most things they can get their hands on. “We just thought she may have eaten some by mistake in the park or something – it never crossed my mind to mention the brownies, ” she said.

Kate’s sis trying to transform a personal tragedy into a potential lesson for other owners. She’s hoping to spread awareness to lives will be saved. As it’s a painful way to lose a pet.

It’s wise to educate yourself on things that can be toxic to your animal. Be sure to leave a list with anyone who may be looking after your dog or cat. “It takes just a quarter of a teaspoon of sweetener to harm a dog,” the owner added.

This potentially lethal ingredient is found in several sugar-free products, including chewing gum, candy and peanut butter. Remember, always read the label and make sure that a product contains nothing that can harm your dog before you let them eat it.

If you have even the slightest bit of doubt that your pet might have consumed something that’s making him/her ill, don’t hesitate. Take them directly to the vet to begin treatment. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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After Woman Suffers Stroke, Doorbell Cam Captures 2 Labs Running Through Neighbourhood For Help

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Two loyal dogs saved their owner’s life after she suffered a stroke by running to a neighbors’ home to raise the alarm – and the whole thing was caught on camera.Maureen Hatcher was inside her Florida home when she suffered a stroke and collapsed onto the floor.

Maureen turned to the only other family members with her at the time: her two black Labradors, Sadie and Bella as she was unable to move a muscle.

She turned to the dogs and said, “Mommy needs help,” I’m in trouble here; I can’t move.”

Every second counts when a stroke occurs. Since it can cause permanent disability and brain damage, it’s of utmost importance that 911 is called and emergency personnel are dispatched as soon as possible.

It’s as if Sadie and Bella knew this, because all Maureen had to do was ask for their help — and the dogs were gone in a flash.

In this amazing footage captured by Maureen’s Ring doorbell security camera, Sadie and Bella are seen bursting through their front door and running into their neighborhood for help.

Once outside, they barked and yelped, catching the attention of their neighbor, Alexandra.

She noticed the dogs frantically trying to lead her somewhere, and thankfully she followed them back to Maureen.

Naspolini said. “I usually am very routine, but that day, I didn’t do my usual. ‘I was sitting on the floor drinking coffee and saw [one of the dogs] outside, Then I heard the other dog from [Hatcher’s] house barking.”

Alexandra found Maureen unconscious and dialed 911.

If it weren’t for this pair of loyal dogs and their hero instincts, life could look a whole lot different for Maureen today.

The emergency responders took her to Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville where interventional neurologist Nima Amim Aghaebrahim performed a crucial 20-minute procedure on her at around 3pm, about five hours after she first fell in the shower.

Take a look at the video below for full details on the story:

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18-year-old invents bra that could save millions of lives after almost losing mom from cancer

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So many lives are affected when a person is diagnosed with cancer especially their close friends and family.

When Julian was only 13 years of age he was unable to deal with the difficult news of his mother being diagnosed with cancer,  for the second time.

Her son wanted to make a difference when he was 18 and so he took the first step to help other families prevent the situation. Julian has now produced an invention that could possibly change the entire picture of medical diagnosing for breast cancer.

Along with three of his friends, they have now formed Higia Technologies and their object is indeed very simple and clever. In order to catch cancer in the early stages along the young men have found inspiration and developed a bra.

Early detection is the main key to recovery when disease breast cancer can strike so fast. As a result of her cancer Julians mother lost both of her breasts. Having witnessed his mothers or do you Julian realized the outcome of a late diagnosis.

Having witnessed his mothers or do you Julian realized the outcome of a late diagnosis, and her pain and suffering was the exact motivation you need. This compelled him to create an invention that could help detect early signs of the disease.

The bra is designed to detect any changes in the breast as it has 200 sensors built into the ‘auto exploration‘. A grant of $20,000 was received to continue developing the idea after Julian and his friends entered the product into the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

The idea is for the bra to be worn for at least 60 to 90 minutes every week in order to detect any changes in temperature, color or texture of the breasts. If tumors are present the alter the blood flow and the bra is designed to pick up on the changes that occur.

Any changes that occur,  updated details are then sent to an app where women are then alerted in time by their chosen medical professional. This is a brilliant idea from Julian and his friends to be a success in the future.

Take a look at the video for more details on this amazing bra:

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Boy With Autism Writes Poem For Homework, His Teacher Is At A Loss For Words

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There is no doubt that poetry has the ability to move us. This story is sure to make you either smile—or perhaps shed a tear.

What may come as a surprise to you is that it was written by a young boy with autism, and even the teacher was shocked. Naturally some poems are easier for some to write but this one certainly deserves a place on the list.

Benjamin Giroux, a 10-year-old boy from Plattsburgh, New York, has Asperger’s syndrome—a form of autism, was given a homework assignment and was asked to write a poem. The first two words in each sentence was provided and from there, the rest of the poem was up to him.

Benjamin used the assignment to describe what it feels like to live on the autism spectrum results were astounding.

The young boy had always felt different because he was autistic and at times he felt he stood out differently from the other children. His poem, “I Am,” shows his emotions in such a special way and when you read it, you will see he certainly is a special youngster. His parents were overcome with emotion when he showed them the poem.

The most moving part of the poem is possibly at the end, where Benjamin describes the feeling of isolation and the longing to be accepted in better terms than most adults could come up with. He writes, “I say, ‘I feel like a castaway.’ I dream of a day that that’s okay. I try to fit in, I hope that someday I do. I am odd, I am new.”

Since the poem was first shared online it has gone viral on the Internet. The National Autism Association highlighted Benjamin’s poem and shared it with all of its followers. Now, people all over the world can get a better understanding of what it’s like to live with autism.

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Moms-To-Be Are Now Using Their Sonograms To Create One-Of-A-Kind Nail Art

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Expecting women are always looking for unusual ways to honor their pregnancies and the lives that are grow within.

In present times it seems like parents celebrate every moment of pregnancy. From adorable pregnancy announcement photos and videos, to huge gender reveal parties, or an entire social media accounts dedicated to their babies once they’re born.

The celebrations seem to get more and more extravagant. Getting an ultrasound  was something the couple would experience together, but now it seems like many couples want to share the experience with the whole world.

People are now getting sonograms printed on T-shirts, made into cakes — the list goes on and on. The latest trend now seems to be manicures. You heard right, nail art sonograms is the new thing!



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What do y’all think about ultrasound nail art? Inspired by Sarah Clarke. #babynails #ultrasoundnails #babyscannail #babyshowernails

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Moms-to-be use images taken during their ultrasounds and to have manicurists paint them on their nails.

While baby shower nails and gender reveal nails have been popular for a while, this is the first time sonogram nails have become trendy. 

People are using their nails to celebrate their babies, even before they’re born.

Nail artists are learning how to create the intricate images on their clients’ fingernails since the trend is becoming more popular.

These images are circulating Instagram and Facebook, while commenters have been quick to leave their comments.

Obviously some parents absolutely love the idea, while others think it’s perhaps a little over the top.

One blogger wrote on Facebook stating she would definitely get nails like this if she had another baby.

Perhaps nails are a fun way to celebrate pregnancy.

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1+1=4 🙊💕 Som flera av er säkert redan har misstänkt så ligger det en liten bebis i min mage. Inte bara en har vi fått reda på, utan TVÅ! 🙊 Vi väntar tvillingar!! 👶🏻👶🏻💕 Jag vet inte än hur länge min kropp kommer orka jobba, men jag är beräknad 21 december (tvillingar kommer ofta runt 1 månad för tidigt). Första steget är att jag inte längre regelbundet kommer att jobba till 20-23 på kvällarna, utan se till att hålla mig (så gott det går) runt 18.00 när jag egentligen ska vara klar för dagen. Detta kommer göra att möjligheten till sena eftermiddagstider kommer att minska. Så småningom kommer jag med största sannolikhet även att behöva minska med någon dag i veckan, så se till att vara ute i god tid för att få en tid som passar! Så länge jag och bebisarna mår bra och så länge kroppen orkar så kommer jag att jobba på, men hälsan och våra barn går i första hand, så om kroppen säger stopp så måste jag lyssna. Det gör att ju längre fram i höst vi kommer, desto större är risken att jag kan behöva boka om eller avboka helt. Hoppas på eran förståelse! 💕

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although the nail designs are super intricate and beautiful, they don’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea.

This is so weird to me,” wrote one person.

Another said, “so I just saw this and yeah sorry that’s a no from me.”

Although most women who do their nails like this are pregnant.

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This manicure has been a long time coming. After three years and numerous fertility treatments, my hubby and I finally conceived in April. On May 30, my heart was broken when I found out my baby was no longer living and growing, and he was taken from me the next day. I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile ❤️ #miscarriage #pregnancyloss #infertility #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessmonth #onceamotheralwaysamother #angelbaby #ihaveasoninheaven #ultrasound #sonogram #sonogramnails #ultrasoundnails #nailart #idomyownnails #freehandnailart #nailfie #instanails #suckitjamberry

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One woman uses her ultrasound nails as a loving reminder of the baby she lost.

This manicure has been a long time coming,” she wrote. “After three years and numerous fertility treatments, my hubby and I finally conceived in April. On May 30, my heart was broken when I found out my baby was no longer living and growing, and he was taken from me the next day.

She continued: “I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile.”

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3 young men run from gas station to grab struggling elderly couple, as cop watches in awe of kindness

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It’s never easy getting old, nor is it easy realizing that your body simply doesn’t work as it once did.

However one of the most difficult things in life is to accept you own limits as you get older despite feeling every bit as young as you ever were inside, in a body that refuses to operate as it once did.

Returning from a doctors visit, 89-year-old Rose Griest and her 100-year-old husband David stopped at a gas station to use a bathroom on the journey back from Rose’s doctor’s appointment one day. Considering their age they can’t get about like they used to, but are adamant on holding on to some of their independence.

The couple parked their SUV at the first gas station they found, but were visibly exhausted by the time they returned to their vehicle. Rose struggled with her walker and was visibly shaky. She had a difficult time finding her balance and strength, as did her husband David.

Standing close by was Police Officer Kanesha Carnegie who proceeded to assist the elderly duo, when all of a sudden she saw three young men hurrying out the gas station doors.

Rather than help the elderly couple the Officer pulled out her cellphone and record the three men. it turns out the three men who approached were Orlando-based rappers.

While Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddy G were purchasing items inside the store they had watched Rose and David struggle to their vehicle. Without a second thought they decided to intervene.

Marty said: “I kept thinking, ‘She could have been my grandmother.’

Officer Carnegie later posted the heartwarming clip to Facebook, where it went viral with over 5 million views.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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Dad Shows Off His Premature Son Doing ‘Manly’ Things Using The Magic Of Photoshop

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Certain photoshopped images have the ability to make you laugh and for good reason.

Matt MacMillan utilised his photo-editing talents to re create some of his works of art which feature his son. When his daughter Ella was born thats when his photoshopping began. He created a series of images displaying the newborn playing sports, and the results were hilarious. Matt wanted to do the same when his son, Ryan, was born.

Ryan was born nine weeks premature, weighing just under 3 pounds, Matt explains. While in the NICU for the first 6 weeks, Matt and his wife decided to look for the positive. They joked that Ryan wasn’t premature, but “advanced.” This joke spurred an idea for Ryan to do a photo series with his premature son. The images would show him doing all grown-up, “manly” things to combat the notion that premature babies are somehow weak.

Although the photos took quiet some effort, the results are absolutely hilarious and worth every minute Matt and his wife put into the project.

Matt and Alyssa MacMillan have two children. Ella their first born who is 2 years old and Ryan who was born premature is 6 months old.

Matt began to play around with photoshopping his kids when Ella was only a month old. Now that his son was born he was excited to see what he’d be able to do.

Ryan was born nine weeks early and spent six weeks in the NICU before he was able to go home.

Matt and Alyssa joked that the preemie was actually “advanced.” A joke that inspired the photos Matt created using Ryan as his baby model.

Matt explained his process and some shots were obviously harder to put together than others.

Each shoot took about 15-20 minutes. Most of the work is in the setup and editing. First, I had to make props and find outfits for most of the pictures,” he explained.

“The next step was setting up the scene, framing the shot, arranging props, and setting up the lighting, where appropriate. Some of the setups were elaborate — like for the benchpress photo,” Matt wrote.

“For this one, I made a rig that hung from the ceiling. It mounted the camera and also held the barbell above Ryan so all he had to do was grip it, rather than hold it up.”

Handling a newborn and a camera can prove to be a very difficult if not impossible. However he had plenty of assistance from his wife, Alyssa.

“My wife often helped out by holding him so I could put his hands/arms/legs in certain positions, holding things,” he explained. “After I got the pictures of Ryan, I would take some shots of anything that he couldn’t actually hold, like the ax swinging or the fish on the fishing line.”

Matt would then scroll through the many pictures to look for usable components. Once he compiled these elements together and made composite images, the finished photos were outstanding.

People have absolutely fallen in love with the sweet pictures of Ryan. Naturally, a few people have also expressed concern for Ryan’s safety.

Matt has assured everyone that Ryan was never in any actual danger. All the crazy, funny elements included are merely the work of photo-editing magic!

Having a premature baby can be a very stressful experience for parents, but Matt and Alyssa made the most of it.

Matt even offered advice for other parents: “My three pieces of advice for parents of premature babies are to be patient, be positive, and seek support.”

Ryan has grown up so fast! We bet he’ll get a kick out of these pictures when he’s all grown up.

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Classmates Tease Student Leaving Him With Severe Brain Injury , Will Need To Learn To Talk Again

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A 16-year-old from Elko, Nevada, has suffered grave injuries to his head at the hands of a bully on January 17th.

Apparently Neo Hobbs has suffered at the hands of this vile bully for several months and was scared to attend school anymore.

The child was reportedly rushed to hospital with severe injuries, where he ended up in a coma as a result of the brain trauma. The individual or individuals responsible for this grotesque act of violence although it appears the school are doing everything in its power to play the incident down

Neo’s family is naturally devastated. They insist that a bully who has plagued their son for months was behind the attack.

It’s tragic that child trying to receive an education in school is rushed to the hospital with brain injuries and goes into a coma from massive head trauma. 

Meanwhile, the Elko School District, have confirmed that there had been an incident at Elko High School, the superintendent claimed that it was just a confrontation between two students. Although this doesn’t seem to add up.

However in relation to Neo’s injuries his doctors reckon that, “He had to have been hit with something. The severity of the injuries he sustained could not have resulted from a simple fall or fist fight. The poor child’s skull has been badly fractured and his brain is bruised and bleeding. To add to that, the force of the impact was so intense that his brain even shifted inside his skull.”

His heartbroken mother said: “You send them to school, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your kids going to school. Especially about something like this.”

Neo slowly recovered at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although it is a long road ahead it remains a waiting game to see what Neo can recall if and when he regains full brain function.

Speaking on the build-up to the incident, his distraught mother revealed that her son complained often about the ongoing bullying he had to endure at school.

She also mention how terrified he seemed to be of this particular student. “This boy was saying stuff about him, and I told Neo, ‘Just ignore it.’ He says, ‘I am, mom. The best I can.’”

A CAT scan revealed that Neo’s brain was bleeding and he was quickly flown to Salt Lake City for brain surgery. The child was in a coma up until January 27. Therefore it will be several months before Neo’s family can take him home, where he will require plenty rehabilitation.

He has to have a lot of physical therapy. He has to learn how to walk, talk, brush his teeth and feed himself. He has to learn all that over again,” his mother explains.

Considering the nature of Neo’s injuries, his family is struggling to pay hospital bills to assist with the medical bills the family have set up a GoFundMe page which set up by Neo’s uncle, Andy Andersen.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this tragic story:

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Why it’s important to understand what happens to babies when you keep them barefoot

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All parents want what is best for their child. So when the time comes for the bundles of joy to take their first steps, most parents are prepared to spend decent money on the perfect shoes for their little ones to walk. 

It can be an exhausting processes selecting the correct shoes to fit perfectly and provide enough comfort for their little feet. However, according to a recent research the leaving kids walk barefoot might be more beneficial.

Once a child learns how to walk, their sensory system is in the phase of fast development and walking barefoot helps improve their balance and coordination, as well as their spatial orientation skills. 

Walking barefoot helps young children develop a stronger sense of touch and receive important sensory information from the soles of their feet touching the ground. 

Dr. Kacie Flegal, a vitalistic chiropractor tells us how walking barefoot is important for the vitality of the two sensory systems: the vestibular system and the proprioceptive system.

The former helps to determine the person’s center of gravity, whereas the latter is the ability to understand the motion as well as the positioning of the human body.

Another expert, Tracy Birne, a podiatrist who specializes in podopaediatrics claims that wearing shoes at an early age while learning how to walk can hinder a child’s walking and cerebral development. 

Although children should probably have their shoes on while outside, the amount of time should be reduced to minimum. 

Once the toddler is more confident in walking they can progress to a firmer soled shoe, until then, children should be encouraged to walk barefoot. 

Since feet have many sensory cells that form powerful neurological connections. Wearing shoes constantly will block out useful tactile that the body and brain use for better development. Many researchers connect child’s intelligence with walking without shoes. While wearing shoes results in their sense of touch being dampened and the messages to the brain reduced.

Interestingly this also applies to adults as well. Walking barefoot gives you plenty of benefits including stimulation of the sensory system and the development of brand new neural connections. 

Have ever experienced issues related to your ability to maintain balance? Consider getting rid of your shoes and wear them only when you really have to. 

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