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Student halts to help collapsed girl, but it’s the runner behind her that’s making headlines

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If you’ve ever been involved in a competition you will understand the mental state that can come over you, both before and during the contest itself.

Madeline Adams was preparing for the ACC Women’s Cross Country Championship, she did not even dream that this competition would completely change her life. Confident as she’d ever been, she hardly even thought about the idea that anything bad might occur during the race. Instead, her hair was pulled up, her shoes were tied, and she had her mind set on getting gold the moment she set foot on the track.

In her thoughts she was ready to run, but her body was not ready for such a challenging test. Unfortunately, for all her mental strength, Madeline didn’t realise her body was about to fail her …

Madeline ran with all her strength and successfully beat the distance, but as she approached the finish line her body simply switched off. In agony, she fell to the ground and stood only a few dozen meters before the finish

She later described what happened next: “I was running the race of my life. I was doing incredibly well. I was coming up that hill (to the finish line), I started to feel really fatigued.”

All of a sudden, I get this wave that comes over me and my legs just truly gave out from underneath me. I had no control. I really don’t remember falling, I remember being on the ground and being like, ‘why am I on the ground? Get up.’

Madeline couldn’t go any further. She tried to regain her footing after she collapsed but to no avail. Many competitors ran past her streaming towards the finish line.

However, one of the girls left many viewers speechless. Teenager Evie Tate from Clemson stopped at Madeline to put her on her feet, but carrying Madeline’s dead weight alone proved an almost impossible task.

At that moment a second runner Rachel Pease from Louisville came to aid to Madeline, who assisted Evie with.

Together, the pair attempted to carry Madeline over the finish line together, and though she was forced to abandon the race in favour of being treated for exhaustion by medical staff, it’s something Madeline will never forget.

She said: “The great part that comes out of this is there are two amazing girls that helped me, who are completely selfless and just amazing people with amazing character.

Take a look at this incredible act of kindness in the video below:

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Candy Hearts Won’t Be Available This Valentine’s Day For The First Time In 153 Years

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Since 1866 Sweethearts conversation hearts will not be available for Valentine’s Day for the first time ever.

Valentine’s Day has been marked by these candies for almost 153 years. They may not have a desirable taste, but its all about the message. Stamped with words like “Miss You” and “Call Me,” which are idea to place in a card or gift.

The company have never missed a year since the candy hearts were originally invented by Necco in 1866 as they continued to sell them year after year.

However Necco shut down for good last year and were take over by Spangler Candy Company. Seemingly they didn’t have enough time to produce the billions of candy hearts which are generally sold during Valentine’s Day season.

Valentine’s Day might just as well be cancelled now, unless of course you have a stash of old Sweethearts to spare from last year?

These classic sweetheart candies have been around since 1866 are a hallmark of Valentines Day, when the New England Confectionary Company (Necco) first debuted them.

The hearts have always been a smashing success. Being the most popular candy in America on Valentines day it’s hard to picture the holiday without at least a few of these hearts scattered around!

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day alone, over 8 billion candy hearts are sold, according to smithsonian.com. That’s 13 million pounds of candy.

Of course most of those hearts go to children who receive several packets of conversation hearts from your classmates at school. Some people use the hearts as a romantic gesture.

With phrases like “Kiss Me” and “Be Mine” on the hearts or more recent ones have been added to reflect the modern times, like “Text Me.”

Necco became the oldest operating candy company in the country. Until the company suddenly announced that it was closing down in July 2018.

Spangler Candy Company came to the rescue and took over Necco saving the day.

Spangler, are best known for the Dum Dums and Circus Peanuts, took over Necco in September. Therefore they didn’t have sufficient time to prepare enough hearts in time for Valentine’s Day.

Just to give an example when Necco was operating, it took 11 months to produce the 8 billion hearts required for Valentine’s Day.

So brace yourselves for NO SWEETHEARTS this year.

Spangler’s CEO did announce that the hearts will return to the shelves in time for 2020. If you happen to come across some leftover boxes from last year for sale, you could invest if you’re not concerned about the sell by date.

Otherwise, you might just have to resort to showing your affection with chocolate, after you can’t go wrong there.

Another option would be knockoff conversation heart candies, like the Sour Patch Kids version. Those hearts have modern sayings like “Bae” and “Bruh.”

Another company called Brach’s also makes candy hearts which are quite similar to Sweethearts. We know it’s not the same as that classic, original Necco candy.

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A drone flies over Auschwitz camps: what it captures give me the chills

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The start of World War II began on September 1st, 1939 when the Germans attacked Poland. Their first instruction was to gather Jews in ghettos.

In order to launch “Generalplan Ost,” the Nazis started to build concentration camps which was an ethnic cleanse of Jews, Poles, Romani people, homosexuals, and those with disabilities.

The first of the concentration camp, were built in 1933 where political prisoners were brought. The construction of the camps were upscaled from 1937 and 1939, so there was a total of 730 concentration camps by the end of 1945.

During the war prisoners were forced to work in the industrial industry, which was of great use to the Germans. The desired outcome was to make the Jews extinct in Europe.

Auschwitz consisted of three parts, During World War II 1.3 million people were sent to Auschwitz II-Birkenbau. Of those 1.1 million Jews did not survive the camps.

My grandmother weighed only 66lbs once she arrived in Sweden on the White Buses. A Swedish count called Folke Bernadotte organised these buses to save Scandinavian war prisoners during the last part of the war.

In order to avoid any attacks the buses were painted with red crosses on them.

Thanks to these buses almost 15,000 to 30,000 people escaped, many of them were Scandinavian. However but in the final weeks of the war, when administration broke down others were also able to use the buses.

There were about 4,000 Jews among the resuced.

In 1932 my uncle Moses was born, he worked in a glass factory by the order of the SS (Schutzstaffel) since he was aged 5. The factory was near the SS headquarters in the Polish city of Piotrków, close to where Moses was born. Since the children had small hands they were considered good workers to polish glass in places where adult hands couldn’t.

Moses worked in the factory for three years just before he and his mother, Miriam, were shipped off to the concentration camp in Ravensbrük.

They sent my grandfather to the Buschenwald concentration camp. Miriam did not survive the camp and Moses was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. A woman who later was given the name “The Angel of Bergen-Belsen,” for saving so many orphans took care of him while there.

Moses was sent to Sweden towards the end of the war.

Following the war, my grandfather Saoul searched for over a year before he discovered that some children were brought to Sweden. Thankfully he managed to find his son when he went there..

My grandmother Rosa met Saoul in Sweden. Both of their parents had passed, and six of my grandmother’s seven siblings passed away in the camps. My grandfather’s first wife and all six of his siblings were also lost in the camps.

Few who survived the Holocaust are still with us today. It is important that we remember their stories and keep sharing them so that history never repeats itself.

Take a look at the terrible images which were caught on tape as a drone flew over Auschwitz last year:

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Toddler tells dad she has a boyfriend at dinner only dad’s comeback has everyone rolling

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One minute you watch your little one learn how to take their first steps or say their first words, until all of a sudden the time comes for you to understand she ha fallen in love.

Although that’s part of life and pretty much normal, knowing your daughter is old enough to be bothered finding answers to what to wear on her first date or whether it is time for “the kiss” just yet, makes fathers feel old, and to be honest, a bit jealous.
Although she has a long way to go until she really starts dating, this cutie pie has some news to share with her dad. And you might be guessing already, she does have a boyfriend. Not a real one, that’s for sure.

But we all know that pretending to have one is what little girls do sometimes. He might be the singer whose music they love listening to, or the cute guy from Big Time Rush.

But it’s usually that boy that sits next to them in the school bus and doesn’t speak to them because he’s really shy.
Well, no matter who the lucky boy might be, this sassy toddler makes sure her dad knows she has a crush on someone. Dad’s reaction? Priceless!

She chooses dinner time to break the big news, and she’s all casual, holding the fork in her hand and pretending to itch her nose, as though she’s trying to add to the drama.

Their conversation is hilarious.
“I got a boyfriend.” “Oh no you do not.” “Oh yes I do.” “Oh no you don’t.” “Oh yes I do.”

She’s not accepting no for an answer and goes on trying to make her dad accept “she is in love.”

“That boyfriend better be talking to your daddy.”

Hmm, her cute little face says it all, she doesn’t really like the idea of introducing him to her dad just yet. Maybe wait until things get more serious. Plus, she has to choose the right time. Should it be a snack time or they should all organize a play date. So many questions the tiny head should think about.

No no no!” “Yes, he better.” “No. He is my boyfriend.”

As giggling can be heard from the background, daddy goes on saying:

“He needs to come talk to me first. You tell him that.”

At this point, the sassy little lady puts her hand on her forehead, as though she wants her daddy to know she doesn’t need that much pressure. But he is determined to meet the lucky boy.

You got it?”

Turning to the laughing crowd, she once again says how she has a boyfriend and she does look like she means that. And him meeting her daddy, that’s definitely a no can do.

She is really super cute, but we do believe that if she is strong-willed like this from this age, than daddy might be in trouble when the time comes for her to date. But we also believe that most kids her age have this attitude. Trust me, been there, done that.

Take a look at the video clip below you will be in hysterics watching this quick-witted lady.

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This poem is possibly the most beautiful one ever written

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If you have ever watched a loved one’s decline as a result of Alzheimer’s would will understand how terrible it is. Alzheimers causes a gradual breakdown in brain tissue, which leaves sufferers with greatly impaired memory, leaving them vulnerable and confused.

Joann Snow Duncanson, wrote this beautiful poem which portrays the drastic personality changes caused by mental illnesses.

People who live with dementia every day know the truth in these words which have been captured so eloquently in just six stanzas.

This poem will brings tears to your eyes, Alzheimer’s is difficult for all families.  It is exactly how this happens.

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Driver Gets Karma After He Attempts To Destroy Bigs Kid’s 9ft Snowman, When He Realises Whats Underneath

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Cody Lutz, his fiancée Lucy, and his soon-to-be sister-in-law enjoyed the recent snowfall in Petersburg, Kentucky. Lucy had never caught sight of so much snow as she grew up in Mississippi. So the excited trio decided to build a huge, towering snowman.

Once their snow project was complete the couple shared the picture on Facebook, proudly displaying Frosty the 9-Foot-Tall Snowman with his black top hat and bright smile.

Cody decided to use a large tree stump in their yard as the base to build a more stable snowman So they covered the exposed bark with a mound of snow.

Happy with the masterpiece, Lutz went to work on Monday, but when he returned home he found tire tracks in his yard which ran from the edge of his yard to the base of the snowman.

It transpires that Frosty’s lower half was crushed and the tree trunk’s bark was slightly exposed.

It appears a rude and careless driver purposely tried to drive the car into poor Frosty — but didn’t think he would get his karma instead.

What they didn’t count on, is the massive stump in the center,” Cody says.

He continues, “You know, what goes around comes around, in good ways and bad ways. So, I guess everyone learns a valuable lesson here from Frosty.”

Take a look at the video of Frosty below:

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This woman had the perfect response when a waitress refused to take her order

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We went to breakfast at a restaurant where the ‘Senior Special’ was two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for $2.99.

“Sounds good,” my wife said, “but I don’t want the eggs.”

“Then I’ll have to charge you $3.49 because you’re ordering a la carte,” the waitress warned her.

“You mean I’d have to pay more for not taking the eggs?” my wife asked incredulously.

“Yes,” said the waitress.

“I’ll take the special, then,” my wife said.

“How do you want your eggs?” the waitress asked.

“Raw and in the shell,” my wife replied.

She took the two eggs home and baked a cake.

The lesson? Don’t try to outsmart a senior

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An Open Letter To The People Who Don’t Tip Their Servers

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Dear Person Who Has No Idea How Much The 0 In The “Tip:” Line Matters,
I want to by asking you a simple question: Why?

Is it because you can’t afford it? Is it because you are blind to the fact that the tip you leave is how the waiter/waitress serving you is making their living? Is it because you’re just lazy and you “don’t feel like it”?

Is it because you think that, while taking care of not only your table but at least three to five others, they took too long bringing you that side of ranch dressing? Or is it just because you’re unaware that as a server these people make $2.85 an hour plus TIPS?
The average waiter/waitress is only supposed to be paid $2.13 an hour plus tips according to the US Department of Labor.
That then leaves the waiter/waitress with a paycheck with the numbers $0.00 and the words “Not a real paycheck.” stamped on it. Therefore these men and women completely rely on the tips they make during the week to pay their bills.
So, with that being said, I have a few words for those of you who are ignorant enough to leave without leaving a few dollars in the “tip:” line.
Imagine if you go to work, the night starts off slow, then almost like a bomb went off the entire workplace is chaotic and you can’t seem to find a minute to stop and breathe, let alone think about what to do next.

Imagine that you are helping a total of six different groups of people at one time, with each group containing two to ten people.
Imagine that you are working your ass off to make sure that these customers have the best experience possible. Then you cash them out, you hand them a pen and a receipt, say “Thank you so much! It was a pleasure serving you, have a great day!”
Imagine you walk away to attempt to start one of the seventeen other things you need to complete, watch as the group you just thanked leaves, and maybe even wave goodbye.
Imagine you are cleaning up the mess that they have so kindly left behind, you look down at the receipt and realize there’s a sad face on the tip line of a $24.83 dollar bill.
Imagine how devastated you feel knowing that you helped these people as much as you could just to have them throw water on the fire you need to complete the night.
Now, realize that whenever you decide not to tip your waitress, this is nine out of ten times what they go through. I cannot stress enough how important it is for people to realize that this is someone’s profession – whether they are a college student, a single mother working their second job of the day, a new dad who needs to pay off the loan he needed to take out to get a safer car for his child, your friend, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, you.

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This grandma’s 6 year old tattoo started to change shape, Doctors done a biopsy and were baffled by results.

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This is a tattoo that I have had for about six years. In December I noticed some changes in it and decided to have it looked at. Biopsy came back as a type of skin cancer.

The red pigment in the tattoo called cinnabar attacked my immune system so I have to have it removed either in a series of three surgeries or one time removal with a skin graft. My point for this is make sure if you get a tattoo that you think of all of the things that can go wrong and how your body could be potentially disfigured from it.

Picture of tattoo on leg with red pigment.

Here is another example of the red pigment used in tattoo’s that are causing many people problems . Above is lovely flower tattoo.

Red pigment gets a reaction and start to lump up causing disfigurement.

Here the same tattoo after getting bad reaction to red pigment.

Another reaction to red pigment tattoo.

Some more examples of this problem.

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11-year-old soils jeans while menstruating as teacher refused her access to toilet

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In Bristol, U.K, an 11-year-old girl on her period was forced to bleed through her clothes at school after being refused permission to go to the toilet.

The young girl is a student at Cotham School, apparently requested more than once to have permission to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom, but was told no, according to reports.

This girl spent the day at school feeling completely embarrassed after soiling her clothes, which has caused her to feel reluctant in attending school whilst menstruating.

Naturally the child’s mother is outraged with how the school handled the situation, doubting if young girls at school have their basic health needs taken into consideration.

Her mother who wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter’s identity, spoke to Bristol Live and said: “They should not be making young girls feel guilty because she needs to go to the bathroom and sort out her basic care. Now, she’s scared to go to school in case they won’t let her out of the classroom, that’s not what we should be teaching girls.’

We should be allowing them to go as part of giving them the tools to achieve their goals whether they are on or off their period.”

The first incident took place in September 2018, now the girl refuses to go to school the next time she is menstruating. Since she is new to the school the has left the young girl with a problem she should even had to face.

Thankfully, on that occasion she wore a long jumper which concealed the stain. What caused the main issue was having to sit through class in the soiled clothes for the entire day.

I couldn’t believe it. I rang the school and complained and they just said it would be okay and wouldn’t happen again. They seemed sorry it had happened but didn’t tell me how they would make sure it didn’t happen again,” her mom said.

“Then, in October she came on again and she was petrified of going to school. I rang to say I was keeping her off and the attendance lady said I couldn’t keep her off school for that reason. I understood that, but she was so worried in case it happened again. I was assured the teachers would be told and that if there any problems to get back in touch with her.”

However, it occurred again. This time a male teacher refused her request to go to the bathroom. He even made a threat to remove her from his classroom if persisted to ask.

It shouldn’t have gotten as far as her having to bleed through her clothes not once but twice in the space of a few short months. Schools should be finding ways to help kids not traumatize them,” her mother said.

The school’s spokesperson offered only : “The school does have a policy not to allow students out of lessons for the toilet as part of our Safeguarding procedures. Students should not be out of lessons unsupervised.

“However, as staff, we are all keenly aware that we have young girls in our care and that, on occasion, they will need to use the toilet outside of the usual break times.”

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